It was in the early afternoon that 8 brave Harriers set out and started their long, long journey to Devil's Bridge, in Wales (Postcode: SY23 3JW).

Somewhat naïve about the Bank Holiday madness most of them got stuck in traffic, but at least that gave them something to complain about over a pint of ale later on. By 7.30pm the last of the brave souls arrived at the camp site and had their tent pitched in a few minutes time. A sturdy large green tent. It all looked very professional and cosy; A working Bongo, a Tardis Caravan (it's bigger on the inside...) with awning tent, a tiny little tent and the large green tent all around a cosy courtyard where surely a barbecue would be lighted after finishing the first race on Saturday.

Unfortunately out of the 8 brave souls only 5 were able to run. The 6th wasn't planning on it anyway, but the 7th and 8th were heartbroken. To be fair, the 5th of the 5 brave souls was tricked into running. When walking down to the tea room he was misled and ended up entering both the Saturday and Sunday 10 Races 'by forced accident', just like the other 4, who were a bit more committed to the cause.

The true identities of the 8 brave souls?

  • Richard 'The Doctor' Taylor - Co-Owner of the Tardis Caravan
  • Kevin 'the Grey Assassin' Wood - Owner of the mini tent
  • Anthony 'The (Speed of) Light-man' Bissell - Co-owner of the Awning Tent
  • Jerry 'Easily Lead' Fisher - Owner of the working Bongo
  • René 'The Flying Dutchman' Wolferink - Co-owner of the Big Green Tent
  • Cath 'erine Tate' Taylor - Co-owner of the Tardis Caravan
  • Jo ' Toilet building yoga instructor ' Bissell - Co-owner of the Awning Tent
  • Gaby 'professional cripple' Wolferink - Co-owner of the Big Green Tent

Jerry, Kevin, René and Gaby went off for a meal and a pub crawl in the village. 2 lasagnes, two stews and 8 pints later this had been completed, and it was time to walk back to the campsite, where another 3 Stella were opened and enjoyed in the nice calm and not too cold open air while Jerry was entertaining himself (and us) with his camera.

Not long after they had finished the Stellas it was time to 'hit the sack', true athletes that they were: had to be prepared for all that Wales could throw at them the next day, be it running or yoga-related. Unfortunately, Wales decided to throw a little extra at them, and it didn't wait until the next day....

It was around 4am that disaster struck. Apparently Devil’s Bridge was located in the Drowyntoedd Mhenllawr (Tornado Alley). The Big and sturdy Green Tent budged and bent, collapsed and got back up again, lines were fastened, sleep was deprived. The awning of the Bongo decided to break free. Jerry heard a sound that could only be described as a loud ‘zip’, and when he looked out of his window, the awning was gone. Completely gone. As was his Yorkshire Flag. The former was found 200 yards in the next field. The latter probably made its own way back to Yorkshire, thinking ‘Fuck this shit, I’m going home…’

The next morning the Big Green tent was still standing, but not for long. The Budging and Bending continued, and even before 12am the majority of the poles snapped and the tent was flattened. René and Gaby were now both Bongo- and Big Green Tent-less and were forced to seek asylum elsewhere. Luckily they had a Gallifreyan Timelord in their midst, by the likes of Richard ‘The Doctor’ Taylor, who kindly opened his Tardis to them, where they could shelter from the storm that continued to impress them.

At 2pm the 5 brave men were ready to take on their first challenge for the weekend, plagued by wind and rain. They thought it was going to be just short of 10K, but the 3 remaining Harriers knew better. Haha. This was their bit of fun for the weekend!! *evil laugh*

After the men had set off two of the remaining harriers occupied the shower and toilet building for a nice 45 minute yoga session led by Jo Bissell. They tried to lure other unsuspecting women to join them, mainly to make themselves look less awkward, but their attempts were in vain. 45 minutes later they returned to the Tardis where they accepted their classic and traditional role of housewives and started to prepare a nice lunch for their brave men, before heading to the finish (which was located 20 yards from the Tardis) to see how they had managed.

Anthony was the first back, which was of no surprise, but then the betting was on. Would it be Kevin? Or Jerry? Not long after asking themselves this question they saw an orange dot appearing at the top of the hill. Using the camera to zoom in they saw it was Kevin ‘The Grey Assassin’ Wood! Comfortably and still finding to the time to fix his hear for the picture he floated past them down to the finish when they saw Jerry appearing, who nearly decided to get back up that same hill again.

After a short wait, the last two of the brave men appeared at the top of the hill, running closely together, Richard only a few metres in front of René. Was this a battle? Who would sprint off once the descent had eased down? Who would be so ruthless? In the end, it was neither of them. What a surprise! The good sportsmen and proper athletes that they are they crossed the finish line together, ending the trial of the BaHas on this first day of Racing.


After a refreshing shower all gathered in the Tardis for a great American Style lunch, with soups and breads, crisps and olives, fruit, quiche, Carrot Cake and clementines, coffee, and tea. It was the best cramped up disaster lunch they had had in, well, forever, since this was the first cramped up disaster lunch ever. With bellies full and some much needed rest people decided to find their space for a bit, go for a read or a coffee, or a nap, depending on the age….


Want to know what happened next? Stay tuned for [part 2]!


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