Liversedge Half Marathon - 15/02/15

Two BaHa's chose not to run Wombwell 5 and instead represented Barnsley Harriers at the Liversedge 1/2 Marathon, as part of their London Marathon prep.

Upon parking in the village, which was very easy with plenty of spaces, signing in and number/chip collection took place in the village hall, and again was very quick and easy!

During the obligatory warm up lap or two around the village Neil Johnson, who had ran the race before, was able to pass on some of his wisdom of the route to Leigh Allsopp.

The race began at the village green, where the friendly PA was organising the 200 runners. The race started on time and throughout the marshals were extremely helpful and supportive of all runners!

The route is rightly described as undulating, and in places that is an understatement (with mile 9-10 being a long hill itself - approximately racecommon rd steep)! The route has plenty of climbs/hills, which are mostly gradual or steady/steep up hill, but steep down hills. The route takes you around fields and rural surroundings, but also down to busy roads.

Now I am not a fan of a hilly route, hence the reason for picking this race as part of my London Marathon training, but even I must admit the route and even the hills were enjoyable, and even when painful the views/surroundings were a pleasant distraction...

Overall a good challenging 1/2 marathon that I would recommend to anyone, especially those who enjoy running hills!

Neil Johnson time - 1hour 32mins 51seconds

Leigh Allsopp time - 1hour 42mins 31seconds

Not our fastest times, but this really isn't a PB route, but enjoyable all the same!

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