East Hull 20 - 22/3/15

So eight Harriers descended on Hull on Sunday for the running of the East Hull 20 – to all intents and purposes a spring marathon season dress rehearsal. A fast, flat course which could even be described as phallic (an out and back with a big bulbous loop at the top end).
After Leigh convinced the registration lady that he wasn’t in fact Craig Alwash (I always get them mixed up too), we all congregated at the start to get ready for the off.

Local-boy-made-good, Rich Spooner, was first harrier back in a blistering 2:06:47 (that was taking the first five miles steady too).
It was not that windy (for Hull) and there was even some reports of farmer’s tans; or with my Highland complexion, third degree burns.

Raisin-powered Paul Johnson dressed for the arctic, so he was spared any sunburn, but suffered from a bad case of sweaty malt loaf.

Claudia fought with some shrubbery, coming off worst, and Leigh had a run-in with a foul-mouthed local (surprisingly, not Rich Spooner).
There was a wonderful buffet afterwards, but it was heavily cake depleted - but that’s always a danger when Rich is the first harrier back.

All-in-all a brilliantly organised, friendly race.

Good running all round, which bodes well for VLM15! - Gus Thomson.

Rich Spooner 2:06:47
Paul Johnson 2:11.27
Neil Johnson 2:26:05
Gus Thomson 2:27:26
Leigh Allsopp 2:43:57
Simon Lovidge 2:51:38
Claire Boswell 3:13:33
Claudia Thompson 3:24:13

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