I’ll start this year’s Ferriby report with a recap of last year’s (Which is probably on the website somewhere) – it bucketed down and blew a gale from leaving Barnsley to arriving at the race, which then eased off during the race before turning to snow. This year it was just freeeezing, but mercifully dry and I remembered to ignore the race HQ, 10mins jog away, and park on the road 200 yards from the finish as I had accidentally (but again mercifully) done last year.

Now, I can’t understand why our favourite Dutch couple don’t do this race, as it’s got everything to make them feel at home. There a real, working windmill, and…er…Anyway, as they are (or now, were) friends of mine, that’s enough the National Stereotyping!

The race then. About an hour’s drive away on mainly motorway so maybe just on the limit for a Sunday but a great friendly race by City of Hull AC. All on quietish roads, despite the area the first 5M are pretty tough with a few harsh undulations. Once at the 6M point, which you ‘ll probably have driven on the way there, its mildly downhill & mostly flat meaning you can knock on a bit in the second half. There’s sting in the tail though as you get to the last mile you can see the “Finish windmill” away to your left – quite high up to your left! There’s a left turn with about a third of a mile to go and then it’s a an Eldon Street North-esque climb up to the finish (where I managed to grind past a couple of people who skipped past me on the flat :-) )

Nice friendly race then, a not unpleasant course and worth doing if you don’t mind the drive there.
Last year was a green technical t-shirt which I still wear – this year a boring white one, albeit technical, which I probably won’t. Hayho.
Just two Harriers for this one, myself & John Moss.
Scores on the doors: Jerry Fisher V45 150th 71.06, John Moss V50 83.26.  

Photo: The Skidby Windmill, where, I declare, you might well find in residence a small rodent wearing wooden shoes, moving noisily between the first & second floors.


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