Hardmoors 26.2 Roseberry Topping 14/12/14

The race started from the sea cadet hall in Guisborough and the pre race brief was basically - try not to get lost and if you are doing the half marathon event then it may not be 13.1 miles. The weather was windy - well more like a gale really as we set out up the road to nowhere up a hill (surprise surprise) to the woodland path up to high cliffe- thought i was a tad overdressed for the weather at this point and removed the gloves and hat i was wearing, however, as we reached the top of high cliffe i realised we had beed running in the shelter from the gales as i clung tightly to the rocks and out in to the open mooland.

Next stop Roseberry topping- fabulous views of this as we ran the unsulating moorland towards the hill- bit of a scramble to the top and straight back down the other side......then guess what......straight back to the top..... then back down- ah all good fun. A great trail section after this untill the steep climb to the half way point at captain cooks monument.

The second half of the journey was on undulating paths and trails- very runnable (well would be if the legs were not zapped from the two assents and decents of rosebury topping- the views were mega by the way) and back to high cliffe and down through the woodland to the finnish for hot soup and a cup of tea- yippee!!

The hardmoors series seem to be a great introduction to the fells and trails- all marked (but need map and route description as the markers sometimes go missing).This one was much more challenging than goathland- reflected in the fact it took me much longer!! But on the whole all good fun- and i loved it (so did gaby and rene- i think!!).


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