New Pace Groups

New Pace Groups

Group A – Richard Spooner - 7 - 7.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group B – Jerry Fisher - 8 - 8.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group C – Jo Bissell - 9 - 9.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group D – Rachel & Julie Nothard - 10 - 10.5 Minute Mile Pace

Group E – Sue Taylor - 11 - 11.5 Minute Mile Pace

You'll see we've changed the groups for Club Nights.

However this can't be an exact science for lots of reasons with races, work and other stuff meaning 'leaders' aren't always there. But it is a framework we'd like you to try and work with.

Please remember a few things though. First we are the friendly running club and no one gets left behind. And also remember it's Club Night -the clue is in the name - so work with the groups that are available & add on or loop back if you need more. There are other nights for other serious sessions if you're training for something. Also, be patient in the corridor, it's not easy for people to manage and try to get in the correct group for your own and other people's benefit.

Lastly, enjoy your running and get as much as you can from BaHa club nights.



Ian Meade - Chairman

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Next Walk to Run Programme begins Monday 12th March through to Wednesday 2nd May - every Monday and Wednesday at 5.30pm. Meet up behind the main Clubhouse at Shaw Lane Sports Barnsley S70 6HZ by the
Rugby fields. All standards welcome, but our aim is to get you from couch to a continuous 5K/ 3mile run in the
eight weeks of the programme. Register via here by email or on the Run Together website. It’s £5 for the
8 weeks, which is refundable if you go on to join the Club. Any questions - just ask!