Winter Training 2021/22


Session No Date Location Session No. of Reps or Time1
1 6/10/21 Stocks Lane/ Myrtle St

Speed work -Parluaf in pairs (static recovery)

18 mins
2 13/10/21

Oakwell Area

Bala St, Windermere Rd & Belgrave Rd

Hill Reps - 3 different hills working hard on the uphill, jog recovery on downhill

6-8 reps
3 20/10/21

Town Centre - Mayday


Speed work - Parluaf in pairs (jog recovery) 19 mins
4 27/10/21

Off Summer Lane.

Blackburn Lane, Queens Ave & Hope Street

Up Hill Reps - 3 different hills split the session between them

7-9 reps

(jog down recovery)


5 3/11/21

Town Centre

- Mayday Green

Speed Work - 200m fast/200m jog 12 fast legs
6 10/11/21

Heelis Street

(off Wood Street)

Hill reps - 1 hill working hard on the uphill, jog on the downhill 6-8 reps
7 17/11/21 Stocks Lane/Myrtle St Speed work - 400 meter reps 8-10 reps
8 24/11/21 Heelis Street/New Street Loop Hill work on 4 sided loop. 2 sides fast,1 side jog, 2 sides fast - continue 20 mins
9 1/12/21 Town Centre - Mayday Green Speed work - Parlauf (jog recovery)

19 minutes


10 8/12/21

Doncaster Road Area.

Waltham St, Brinkman St, Gold St.

Hill reps - 3 hills (2 long, 1 short) 7-10 reps split between the 3 hills
11 15/12/21 Broadway Area (Old Loop) Speedwork on old loop 0.47 miles 6-8 reps with 1 minute rest between
12 22/12/21

Oakwell Area

Bala St, Windermere Road & Belgrave Road

Hill reps - 3 different hills, working hard on the uphills, jog recovery on downhill 7-9 reps
13 29/12/21 Town Centre - Mayday Green Speed work - Parlauf in pairs (jog recovery)

20 mins

14 5/1/22 Capital Park, Dodworth Hill reps 1 hill or 2 different hills both 200-250 long mix and match as you like. Jog recovery 25 mins


15 12/1/22 Stocks Lane/Myrtle Street Speed work - 400m reps with 300m at good pace & 100m faster 8-10 reps - static recovery
16 19/1/22 Heelis Street (off Wood Street) Hill work - 1 hill working hard on uphill, jog recovery downhill 7-9 reps
17 26/1/22 Town Centre - Mayday Green Speed Work - Parlauf in pairs (jog recovery) 21 mins
18 2/2/22 Wood Street Area inc Union St & BuckleyCourt Hill Reps (Up & Down) working hard up Union St, Continue effort down Wood St, jog recovery on Buckley Court. 25 mins total
19 9/2/22 Moorland Avenue (off Dodworth Rd) Speed work - 800mtr reps 5-8 reps with 1.5 min static recovery between


20 16/2/22

Summer Lane Area.

Blackburn Lane Queens Ave & Hope Street

Hill Reps - 3 different Hills 8 - 10 reps
21 23/2/22 StocksLane/Myrtle Street Speed Work - Parlauf 22 mins
22 2/3/22

Oakwell Area

Bala St, Windermere Road & Belgrave Rd

Hill reps - 3 different hills working hard on uphill, jog recovery on downhill 10-14 reps
23 9/3/23 Broadway Area Speed work on old loop 7-9 reps with 1 minute static recovery between.
24 16/3/22

Sheffield Road Area -

Cemetery Rd, Tune St. Commercial Rd, Corporation St & Oxford St.

Hill reps - 5 hills Up each one at least once - jog down recovery 6-10 uphill reps in total.
25 23/3/22 Town Centre-Mayday Green 500m reps - 400mtres at good pace - 100 metres faster 8-10 reps
26 30/3/22 Fitzwilliam St/Prospect St Uphill reps jog down recovery 7-10 reps


Speed Work- designed to improve leg speed, endurance and recovery rate. Working at a fairly intense pace for a short period of time with recovery periods in between.

Parlauf- a Swedish word meaning speed play, working in pairs of equal ability (ideally) one member of the pair will be working hard while the other has a jog/ static recovery over a set distance.

Hill work – designed to improve leg strength, stamina and recovery rate.

Why does the club put time and effort into these sessions?

Answer- A long time ago the committee looked at what we did as a club throughout the winter months, dark nights and limited training routes especially from Shaw Lane. Part of this review also looked at how we could help our members improve their running. Not many of the club members did specific speed or hill work, this was for a variety of reasons, too hard to do on your own, don’t know what to do, never thought about it. One other point which was highlighted at this stage and is probably one of the most important points to come out of the review, was that as a club, group of people other than at the start of the evening (club night) we don’t really get to know each other. The fast group do their thing, medium group do theirs etc and we never really mingle. So long story short these sessions are club sessions they are intended not only to improve your running but so we can integrate with each other. Please don’t think I can’t do them, the will be too hard, everybody will be waiting for me, because we have heard it all before, believe me.  We are a club with a wide range of abilities but on these nights we all work hard, we all suffer the same and we all encourage each other on to greater things. So please come and join in, after all you are a member of a fantastic club and this is what helps make our club what it is.


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