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This is how Barnsley Harriers Club Standards function. The scheme is a series of running standards which anyone in the club can work towards. It covers a wide range of race distances.The overall idea is to give everybody the opportunity to reach a 'standard' which is based on performance targets for your age. Let's face it, most of us are never going to be running at the same pace as some of the faster guys and girls but its always good to have a target to aim for - and it's only fair that older and slower people get a bit of help when trying to compare their performance with some of the former.The matrix below shows the standard times you need to achieve and the age brackets each of these sets of times are relevant to.  To qualify for an Award/Certificate you need 3 qualifying times, one of which must be 10 miles or over. These Standards have set new and achievable targets for all members at all levels.These awards will be presented annually at the Club Presentation Night. Any questions, please email via the website.


Examples: A 57 year old male running 24.00 or under for 5K, 40.00 for 5M and 1.51.00 for a half marathon is graded as Second Class. A 46 year old lady who runs 43.30 or under for 10K, 73.00 for 10M and 3.30 for a marathon is graded as First Class.


*Please note: You can only gain one standard per year and this must be higher than you have previously attained in that Age Category. The only events which qualify for standards are those where the course has been accurately measured.


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